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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 6, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ringing up moisture from the southwest but the storm is descending from northwest. there are winter storm warnings in effect for the mountains areas north of clear lake and ring from 8:00 prime minister tonight until 6:00 prime minister tomorrow. winter storm warnings from 3:00 to midnight tomorrow night. it's going to be quite a bit of snow falling in the sierra with this storm. we'll rerain pushing more wide spread by 1:00 a.m wide spread rain and a stormier system with a possibility of thunderstorms and morning commutes will start off with a system moving into the bay area, it's likely to be a slow one. >> winds are kicking up in the north bay. today, people there were getting ready for a storm by cutting tree limbs and branchs in danger of falling.
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cornell? >> reporter: the weather is changing and it's getting very cold. check out the white caps and the storm, windy weather moving across mount tam. a storm is on the way. and many are getting ready. >> boots and tarps haven't been good sellers thanks to the drought. >> if there is a good storm we'll have people in, first thing in the morning. >> crews just levelled what used to be a 50 foot poplar. it was a big worry to this homeowner. >> this is one we're concerned
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about. >> marin arborist watching weather, and moving fast. removing as many dead or diseased trees as he can. >> a lot of trees leaped out earlier this year. >> this monterey pine is coming down. way too close to one home. the others could fall. >> if it's heavy storms, or high winds >> the last time the bay area had rain was february 6th. a weather phenomenon known as an ot moss spheric river moved through, toppling trees. this week homeowners are being cautious. >> you can watch the storm move
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in with the weather app. it is free on the app store or google play. farmers are struggling in the north bay, finding a hard time finding usable water because wells are becoming tainted. good evening see the cows? there are 37 of them. do you recognize this? there are 40,000 of them in sonoma county. they're pulling water out of three different aqua fers here. if you want to see water, dig down 900 feet take a sip like
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ray just did. >> how does it taste? >> good. >> he's a dairy farmer practicing restraint by using recycled water from the city of sonoma instead of tapping it from the ground. >> we can get 1500 per minute. we're afraid of what it will do to neighbors. >> that is how precious it's become in a time of drought in this county. there are 40,000 wells pulling water from them. >> this is made worse by the made. >> now, who will stay is up for discussion. >> there is quantity
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of how much is pumping. >> counties are increasing populations. we haven't done anything to ease storage. you know? in terms of maintaining ground water supplies could still take years. from sonoma county wayne freedman abc7 news. >> and how local high schools are saving water on fields. >> questions about the reliability of the san francisco crime lab. experts tell abc7 news the supervisor offered misleading evidence in a 2010 murder trial. >> this excludes him. >> lawyer and dna expert complained to police chief about serious problems at the crime
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lab. that a supervisor failed to catch inconsistencies in a dna analysis by a criminalist and tells abc7 news five years ago bowlan, then a criminalist, misled the court during a double homicide trial not telling anyone there was a dna profile of the killer. the dna profiles she testified about pointed to other suspects. >> she didn't tell anyone about it. she didn't tell police officers or prosecutors. and the grand jury. >> it's just unethical. unacceptable. >> attorney tony tamborello wrote the police chief this letter after the trial, saying it was unethical. dna expert rocky harmon spoke
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about the conduct telling the judge, i don't think it was professional. the district attorney launched an investigation independent of the police chief greg suhr's. in 2010. he says gascone should recuse himself from any investigations. >> i don't understand how he's not conflicted out of this. >> gascone says he shut the testing out immediately when learning of the scandal. he began an investigation. >> other people had been hired before me the conduct related me this is not about pointing fingers about fixing a problem.
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>> he says a team of experts will be on the panel of investigators looking into the crime lab. and we tried unsuccessful to contact him for an interview. >> we're getting a look at a woman accused a bizarre crime spree in mill valley. this is the mug shot. she face as tempted murder charges for setting a home on fire spray painting vulgar words next door, and drenching a woman with lighter fluid who confronted her. investigators say she had been to the home before and was obsessed with a man living there. >> former 49er quinn harris has been arrested in san francisco. he's been found unconscious after being involved in two hit and run collisions after biting
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an officer he was charged with assault, driving under the influence and resisting arrest. >> san francisco police want to you take a look at this man. he robbed a wall green's one week ago, pulling out a gun and you can see him right there. a store camera captured it all. he got away with 30 bottles and police are asking anyone who knows him to give them a call. >> a woman that a man has lived in has been declared unsafe by the city. part of the ceiling crumbled last week. most work nights and finding
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shelter has been tough. >> the shelters close at 7:00 a.m . can you imagine you get off work and maybe three hours of sleep before you have to leave and go nowhere. they have nowhere to go. >> the city is considering suing the property owners to fix the property. they're being offered $1300 each to move out. a heavy duty clean up is yet to get under way after a mummified body was found in the home. investigators say a 90-year-old woman died there five years ago. another woman continued living there, hoarding trash. there is mold that is possibly toxic and mold and black widows all over the house. >> i'm hoping they'll clean up the mess quickly so rodents and we heard there are black widow spiders that they don't come
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around the neighborhood. >> police say they do not suspect foul play. the medical examiner has not yet released the identity of the deceased woman. >> what a school board member says that inflamed a debate. >> later tonight charging your cell phone in less than a minute. a discovery could be a major battery break through. >> a young mother takes a work at home job and finds out she's helping a global crime ring. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side coming up. >> and live tonight for oak nland a's
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a school board member is being slammed for comments about why one school deserves air conditioning over another. some argue she's discriminating against kids from low income families but she says her words were manipulated. >> what did she just say? i had to listen a few times before i got upset. >> parents in martinez, like this one, are outraged after hearing an audio clip from a school board member heard dis discussing where to install the air conditioning.
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>> i would say 90% of the students there do not have air conditioning in the house. whether that means it can be handled more easily, i would say 95% of theirs have air conditioning. >> the fact she thinks one school should not have air conditioning but the other should because of where they live and income they make and race they are that they're more aclim aclimated to the heat. >> she calls herself an advocate. her kids went to school there and she apologizes for portraying the district in a bad light she says i was trying to make a point in light of the fact it already had cool roofs and temperature control i believed there were other more important needs at the school that would better serve the students. still, some parents want her off the board. >> if she wants our continued
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support she should explain herself. >> happening now in oakland, fans are getting ready for a's home opener against the rangers. hi tiffany. >> well gates opening an hour ago. fans have been streaming in since, excited for the season to begin. fans focused on the cuisine, a's put finishing touches on o dot co and bunting swayed in the outfield.
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fans will help them see athletics win. >> i'm excited about it. >> a's have struggled. >> we're going to be biting our nails but grinning when we make the post season again. >> george leon feels about about the game. >> it's going to be another one of the opening days. >> a's fans know everything is possible. especially when the first pitch is thrown. >> the first pitch at 7:05. >> thank you tiffany. giants are away but here is a live picture. fans are streaming in right now for opening night viewing
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party. giants updated their profile picture on facebook. the radio announcer and called a's and 49ers games. >> it's a bittersweet opening day. you can show how you're celebrating where you live. share your photos by posting them with hash tag where you live. >> there is time to get in a final ski trip of the season. >> there is five inches of new snow on the ground. there could get more tomorrow night. >> that is two more weekends. >> spencer christian. >> there is strong likelihood of more snow. storm has come from the north
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but there is a winter weather advisory south beginning at 5:00 in the morning continuing until 3:00 wednesday morning. so could with snow at 25 miles per hour at sfo. 22 miles per hour in santa rosa and half moon bay. 28 napa. so around the bay area getting windy. you can see skies are getting cloudier. isolated thunderstorms and small hail possible and snow in the sierra, up to two feet in areas most significantly affected by the storm. here comes cold front. that is bringing rain and wind to parts of northwestern california at the moment and behind that, this is add s
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to the possibility of wind storms. 44 miles per hour gusts. 25 san carlos by 2:00 in the morning we'll see gusts near 35 miles per hour in san jose. once the front sweeps through, winds dropping off behind the front and the stormiest weather along the head of the front and behind it. rainfall totals by wednesday about half an inch to an inch. so we're going to get wet weather and snow level that's will start at 4500 feet.
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and other locations could see 13 inches of snow. bay area stormy conditions overnight lows into mid to upper 40s around 50 degrees and tomorrow a cool and partly stormy day. we may have lingering thunderstorms after highs into the afternoon won'ting much above 60 degrees and here is the accu-weather forecast. that pattern continues but we welcome winter weather in spring. >> thank you spencer. >> bart may be moving forward but heading toward fremont boulevard, our assistant is
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molly behind the wheel today nochlt problems southbound when we spin it around and take a look how we look. but went too
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several parents came to the bay area to pressure the mexican government into doing more to
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find 43 missing college students the parents visited city college to talk about their struggles to get answers from the mexican government about the disappearance. reports accuse local politicians of conspireing with drug cartels to silence students following an antigovernment protest. >> they're calling for a united front for what is going on. >> mexican parents want the elections to be held this someone. >> if you're at bart, some of the trains are slowing down. it reduced train spaedz because of old rails. it is 42 years old. the fear is that there could be more derailments.
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>> i rather not go off the track. they have to slow down. it's fine. >> it's tracks, stations cars. >> heads up if your commute takes you along van ness avenue you can expect to see construction back ups this week. this week van ness will be restricted to one lane in each direction and close friday through sunday night. >> a story on abc7 news. a north bay woman tells us she's seeking justice.
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>> now a young mother gets caught up in a international
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a north bay woman is accusing her high school coach of molesting her and the principal of looking the other way. she sat down with tiffany wilson for the first interview. >> newspaper clippings capture her on the court. >> i lived with shame and thought it was my fought. sh she says her basketball coach started a sexual relationship with her when she was 16, giving her drugs and writing notes to excuse her from class. >> he was a person in authority. we're still taught you listen to people in authority. and that is what i did.
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>> her parents discovered the relationship and confronted the principal at san ramone valley high school. >> the principal told my parents my four younger sibling woz have to go to a different school and it would be better if it didn't come out. >> so nobody contacted police she says the coach was allowed to stay on the condition he stopped a physical relationship with her. what allegedly happened next brings her to tears 30 years later she says the principal walked in on sandler having sex with her, again. >> i remember our eyes meeting and thinking he's going to tell. he's going to do something. going to call the police now this, is going to be over. and i remember like a sense of relief that he turned around and he locked the door.
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and he never said a word. >> in february wilson filed a $15 million lawsuit against the school the case goes to court in july. >> we believe the court will rule in sharon's favor because what happened here can be can be supported. >> she came forward when hearing about a similar story where the coach was convicted she hopes to share her story. >> takes courage to talk about it f i can help others they're going to be stronger and take controls of their lives, back. >> she wants the story to serve as a cautionary tale for today's teens she feels are at risk because of social media and smart phones.
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>> the fate of the accused boston bomber is in the hands of the jury. the prosecution tried to tie the two together but the defense argued he was a willing accomplice but not a terror mastermind the jury will begin deliberating tomorrow, if convicted he would face the same jurors in a same trial to decide if he should get the death penalty. >> bb king is hospitalized for a diabetes related emergency. according to tmz the problem was due to dehydration he has suffered from type two diabetes for two decades. >> bruce jenner decided to open up about transitioning to live as a woman.
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diane sawyer landed an interview for a special edition of 2020. it will be the first time he has openly spoken about his gender transformation. he says it will be documented in a series for the e network. >> a young north bay mother wanted to work at home so she can be with her baby. she wound up in a global crime ring. >> and michael how did this happen? >> this woman came to me hoping to warn you just because a job is listed on a job site that doesn't mean that the job is for real. jalen wanted a stay at home job she posted a resume and
6:35 pm
soon, an opportunity. a company offered her a job shipping packages for $2500 a month. >> i'm receiving packages. take pictures, put a label, take it to the post office. >> boxes began arriving she'd open examine then send them off. . >> i got ipads a wedding ring. and two go pro 4s >> she shows us pictures and where it's going. >> car parts went to russia. wedding rings and shoes to russia. >> a month later she was due for a paycheck. >> and i tried to log on to the website but i was kicked out. >> she found the company in
6:36 pm
washington. that company never used her. a scam artist linked herself to the name. >> i was shocked and amazed. >> turns out she was helping an international crime ring funnel stolen goods into russia. >> it's a textbook work at home scheme. >> as police investigated the trail would lead them to the young mother. >> there is a chance for someone to arrest you. >> she says she was shocked it was operating through career >> now, she's focusing on taking
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tim cook is thanking employee was a discount on the new apple watch saying all employees will get any apple watch or sport at half price. presale orders for the watch begin on friday. >> the phones and watches of the future may have a different kind of battery. >> we've designed so it's simple to charge it. >> by that, he means every night. behind the face of the watch is a tiny battery. a smaller version of the hard
6:41 pm
rectangle batteries in cell phones. what if it looked like this? in this lab they hooked it up to a bright green l.e.d. what is inside isn't exotic. >> this is foil. very shiny. and you have it in your kitchen. >> the dark foil is graphite like in a pencil. both are cheaper than today's batteries and safer. >> almost numbing can make this catch fire. this is licensed to technology and make products. >> some promise lies in how similar they are to existing technologies but one thing, they can be charged using the same chargers and are manufactured in the same way.
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>> this is a liquid salt. right now these don't last as long. and if you like being green, consider aluminium is everywhere. >> i can cut up a can now and make a battery for you. >> how local schools are
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>> we're looking at the 360 cam we're leaving union city, you can see there is a bit of a slow down. traffic is moving. and traffic seems to be moving
6:46 pm
better at this hour. >> several high schools included artificial turf and it was a wise decision. >> this field of dreams is no longer grass the grass has been replaced with artificial turf. another is half grass, half artificial. the same at the other four high schools. >> it's nearly a 42% decrease. and that is over 300,000 gallons per year. >> players say the transition was easy and one outfielder discovered a spillover affect.
6:47 pm
>> it doesn't mess up your clothes. it doesn't just feel weird. >> it saves a lot of water. it's not grass. >> the field is still grass. >> we're looking for ways to tighten belts. if we can do it we will do it. because we want to do what we can to be good stewards in the community. >> the district is looking at ways to cut down on the water use. we're getting rain. >> we'll take whatever we can get. >> yes. it's you can see pockets of
6:48 pm
moisture. this is because of the west. we'll see first waves and a line north to south from west to east. there will be thunderstorms. by 9:00 we can still have isolated showers trailing the main body of the storm. cold air filtering in and high temperatures probably not much above 60 degrees.
6:49 pm
thursday, cool and stormy weather tomorrow. >> thank you. >> okay. >> doesn't seem like baseball weather. >> absolutely. and it's opening day. >> yes. >> just sports. >> that is right. play ball. home opener, baseball is magical. a's hosting tonight and hope to break a ten game losing streak in season openers. abc7 is live at the coliseum. and i hoped for the new look of the day. >> if spring training games meant anything, a league best 22 and 11 record right now, i want to put this into perspective. tonight has just two players they started last year, just
6:50 pm
two. one face is sunny gray opening night starter for a second year. his one and only goal end a losing streak. >> this will be my fourth opening day. it does bother me. >> i'm excited and i know what to expect out there. and i miss it. >> in this case pitches. former fan favorites will have the honor. >> we're going to get booed. it's opening night, we're ready
6:51 pm
to go. a's, rangers coming up in 15 minutes. abc7 sports. schu, back to you. >> we'll look ahead to giants season
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giants began defense of the 2014 world series championships tonight hosted by dime backs. a's take the hill opening to care over a performance. the starting rotation the question mark for the season. only one way to find out that is, play ball. >> it's going to be exciting. every year. you know? from little leagues to whatever, it's exciting no matter what. >> so former dodger two
6:55 pm
for three and this game tied at three. jimmy raulins unloaded a shot. raiders begin after a 3 and 13 season. michael crabtree visiting today looking for a job the top rookies are the base in which this team will build on moving forward. hopefully getting plenty of help. he had three head coaches in one year, and a new offensive coordinator. been 12 years without a winning record or a playoff berth for raiders. i'm fired up. we're close and became a team. you know?
6:56 pm
at the end. and we saw what we can do. you know? >> and basketball hall of fame has new members and congratulations to all. >> a lot of new players. >> yes. a lot of players are now home grown. >> they're a team starting to gel at the right time. it's going to be interesting. >> interesting. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 a powerful food combination that protects your heart. a woman robbed and dragged as her family watched in terror.
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>> tonight we have the tenth anniversary of dancing with the stars and castle. then stay with us for the news at 11:00. >> and dish and direct tv customers can get programming on down load the watch app from your app store. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate the time. i'm dan ashley. >> from all of us here thanks
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